Financial advice isn’t just for the wealthy or those close to retirement. You might consider working with a financial adviser if you are not confident in your financial decisions because you don’t have the time, knowledge, or capacity to explore your options.

It can be hard to navigate the financial world, but you don’t have to do it alone. You might consider working with a financial adviser if you are experiencing the following:

A lack of time

It can be challenging to carve out time to sit down with your finances if you are balancing work and family life. And making big financial decisions can be overwhelming and take time away from work and relationships. A financial adviser can work with you by researching options and advising on a course of action that help you work toward your goals.

Confusion about the market

With so many investment products on the market, it becomes hard to be sure if you’re getting a good return for the risk that is involved. A financial adviser can clarify the concepts for you, with in-depth knowledge of investments and markets.

Moreover, as your financial adviser reviews your current situation and goals, they get a better understanding of your appetite for risk. They can create an achievable plan that matches you with quality investment solutions that suit your circumstances. They can also identify investment opportunities that you might not have found out about otherwise.

A major life event

When a major life event occurs, it has a ripple effect across your finances. For example, when you get married or move in with a partner, you might want to merge finances and redefine shared financial goals. A financial adviser can guide you throughout the entire process, by outlining the financial implications of a decision and working to build or adjust your financial plan, ensuring you stay on track.

Considering making an important purchase

Although you make financial choices every day, certain financial decisions are more significant than others. For example, you may come into an inheritance, or receive a bonus at work or a redundancy payout. In these cases, there is a strong temptation to splurge the cash.

You might be exploring different ways to make the most of the money: should you pay off your mortgage, boost your super or invest it for the future? A financial adviser will walk you through your options and what they mean for your situation, so you can feel confident in your financial decisions.

Financial stress

People often choose to work with financial advisers for the peace of mind it gives them and their families, particularly if they’re experiencing financial stress. Financial stress can accost anyone, regardless of age or background, and can have a profound and lasting impact on your health and relationships.

Building your wealth faster

There are several assets classes  structures and strategies that will help build your wealth faster and to higher levels- the longer your remaining working life is, the more your wealth can grow.



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