Estate planning which integrates business and family wealth

At times, business owners see their business valuation as their superannuation, source of wealth and retirement income.   However tax, legal and transfer issues may significantly reduce the hoped-for value of the estate.

By implementing integrated strategies early in the game, your business wealth can be protected and transferred within applicable regulations.

Buy/sell agreements and business succession planning

The death or incapacity of a partner may place pressure on the functioning of a business. Further, the need to pay out a shareholder or the estate, may burden or even disrupt the business continuity.

We specialize in developing solutions that enable the business to limit such financial pressures that will assist a suitable transition.

Business insurance, key man risk and personal guarantor protection

Dependence on key individuals or providing personal guarantees for business loans is a common occurrence in an SME or proprietary business. These are business risks that can be, but are not always mitigated. Such unaddressed risks, at times, cause going concern or solvency issues.

At Bluerocke, we provide specialist advice and strategies in assisting small business owners to address these risks.

Cash flow, profitability and debt management analyses

Poor cash flows, incorrect pricing models, lumpy expenditure or excessive debt, may stress your business, sometime excessively.

We have extensive experience in conducting such analyses, and advising remedial action that will enable your time and financial investment, remain productive.